by Ivan Argüelles

COLIBRÍ   AMNESIA what are stars but question marks left in grass dew-form hiatuses in the longing the hand has searching for its soul the distant and perfervid traffic of nerve and sinew echoing some archaic rock come to rest on the western edge of water where the likely sun will set its dizzy head […]

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Eulogy for Súper Pancho from the Land of Maíz

by Sonia Gutiérrez

Eulogy for Super Pancho from the Land of Maíz Illustration by Víctor Ochoa Crowned with a black sombrero, a halo of dust trails behind Súper Pancho from the Land of Maíz as his tan steel-toe work boots touch the ground. Súper Pancho’s tamale arms and legs don’t hide from the scorching sun to sell diamond-faced […]

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by Arturo Mantecón

  Alfred Arteaga We could talk about how his heart was taught the secrets of the serpent’s tail. We could confer hours incalculable upon the small chamber that holds the ultimately unknowable blue bed embodied within his very core and how our own beetle and bug infested poor mats and cots and bags of straw […]

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