The Road to Quetzalcóatl

by Ángel F. Sandoval

“Diego, the best place in the world to find yourself in is in a library,” César always tells me. César has been bringing me to the Aztlán Library for two years, ever since I turned seven and our family moved to this neighborhood. César and I have spent a lot of our free time in […]

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Selected Works

by Itzolin García

In Mexico, there are dark places in the midst of the squalor and the pollution where there is no noise, little motion, where one can sit undisturbed. I live in the little village several miles from here. Here is El Toro, a bar or café. What could you call it? The men sitting at the […]

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Codex M

by Steven Alvarez

MS Codex Mojaodicus   Aztechnicians night spreading as peacock his eye like charcoal 1168 dayknife signs of declining social orders: war   importation   translation   man a rational creature Montezuma Cortes ye knew suppose rational man’s stripped of apetites hunger thirst &c at his rational man experiments when knock knock from his lab door […]

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