Puentes de tierra [selecciones]

by Álvaro Martínez Lacabe

DERECHO INTERNACIONAL Nacido en 1973, con  derecho a televisión y sudadera de algodón. Hoy con derecho a levantarme temprano, si me da la gana, y pasearme bajo los puentes de Delhi entre otros nacidos en 1973, que duermen. sin derechos, sin televisión y sin sudaderas de algodón. DOWNLOAD THE PDF TO READ ALL THE POEMS […]

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Hunting Hemingway (Selections)

by Ron Arias

Hunting Hemingway and Other True Stories [from a book in progress] By Ron Arias Yarima Her name is Yarima, she’s 19 and she’s from the Yanomamo, a jungle tribe in southern Venezuela. Ken Good, the American anthropologist who brought her out of the forest, tells me their story at his parents’ home in Philadelphia. He […]

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by Marianne LeVan

DINNER IN THE MIDWEST In 1955, my father was laid off from his job as a mechanic on the railroad. He had been employed during the hey day of the American railroad boom repairing and maintaining the big engines that once moved a nation’s economy from coast to coast. My Dad often said that the […]

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