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Sonia Gutiérrez

Sonia Gutiérrez is a poet, professor, and translator. Her poems have appeared in Poetry of Resistance: Voices for Social Change, edited by Francisco X. Alarcón and Odilia Galván Rodríguez (Best Poetry Book for the 2016 Arizona-New Mexico Book Awards), La Jornada Semanal (México City), and Tres en Suma (Madrid). Her fiction has appeared in the London Journal of Fiction and Huizache. Sonia’s bilingual poetry collection, Spider Woman / La Mujer Araña, is her debut publication. In 2015, Veronica Gianello completed her Master’s Thesis, "Translating Mestizaje into Italian: Sonia Gutiérrez’s Writing and the Importance of Transnational Cooperation in Today’s Borderlands," at the Università di Trento. And Giovanna Zortea, completed her graduation thesis, "Self-translation and Translation: Sonia Gutiérrez's Case Study," with honors at the Università di Trieste.

Currently, Sonia Gutiérrez is a contributing editor for The Writer’s Response (Cengage Learning, 2016). She is moderating Facebook’s Poets Responding, submitting "Legacy / Herencia" for publication, working on her manuscript, "Sana Sana Colita de Rana," and completing her novel, "Kissing Dreams from a Distance." Her bilingual poem, “Eulogy to Súper Pancho from the Land of Maíz” / “Elogio a Súper Pancho de la Tierra del Maíz,” and Francisco J. Bustos’s Spanglish translation, “Eulogy for Súper Pancho from La Tierra del Maíz,” appears in her manuscript, "Legacy / Herencia."