Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

A Korean War veteran, Romeo Rolando Hinojosa-Smith was born in Mercedes, Texas, in 1929. Hinojosa is most famous for his Klail City Death Trip Series, a group of interconnected works set in an around his native Rio Grande Valley. In chronological order of publication, the Klail City Death Trip Series includes: Estampas del Valle y otras obras (1973), Klail City y sus alrededores (1976), Korean Love Songs (1979), Mi querido Rafa (1981), Rites and Witnesses (1982), The Valley (1983), Dear Rafe (1985), Partners in Crime (1985), Claros varones de Belken (1986), Klail City (1987), Becky and Her Friends (1990), Los amigos de Becky (1991), The Useless Servants (1993), Ask a Policeman (1998), and We Happy Few (2006). Hinojosa has also published This Migrant Earth (1987), a free version of Tomás Rivera’s “...y no se lo tragó la tierra.” The author has received many awards, including the Premio Quinto Sol, the prestigious Casa de Las Américas, and the National Book Critics Circle Lifetime Achievement Award. His works have been analyzed in three monographs, countless critical articles and dissertations, as well as in special issues of academic journals. Hinojosa is a candidate to the Premio Cervantes. You can support his candidacy at:

Books on Hinojosa:

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La vecindad chicana en mi pueblo, Mercedes

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NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: alternaCtive publicaCtions is proud to offer its visitors the unique opportunity to read Rolando Hinojosa’s earliest preserved writings, published here for the first time. Hinojosa wrote these five short pieces when he was a senior in high school, during the 1945-1946 academic year, two in 1945 and three in 1946. Since […]

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