Ron Arias

A native of Los Angeles, Ron Arias is a distinguished writer and journalist. His first novel, The Road to Tamazunchale (1975), nominated for a National Book Award, is one of the founding texts of American postmodernism and of Chicano literature, and it has been published by several presses in the United States and in Spain. Since 1985, Arias worked as senior writer and correspondent for People magazine and for People en español. His publications also include Five Against the Sea: A True History of Courage and Survival (1990), White’s Rules: Saving Our Youth One Kid at a Time (2007, with Paul D. White), and Moving Target: A Memoir of Pursuit (2002). Arias’s works are the subject of numerous critical studies in the U.S. and abroad., and they have earned him several awards, including the Latino Literary Hall of Fame Award (2003), the Los Angeles Press Club Award (2004), and the Chicano/Latino Literary Prize (UC Irvine).

Hunting Hemingway (Selections)

Hunting Hemingway and Other True Stories [from a book in progress] By Ron Arias Yarima Her name is Yarima, she’s 19 and she’s from the Yanomamo, a jungle tribe in southern Venezuela. Ken Good, the American anthropologist who brought her out of the forest, tells me their story at his parents’ home in Philadelphia. He […]

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