Marianne LeVan

By publishing these four stories by Marianne LeVan, alternaCtive publicaCtions would like to honor the memory of one of UC Merced's Chicana graduate students, who sadly passed away last summer. After her passing, we learned of her unpublished creative work, and we decided to feature some of it as a special issue. In doing so, we would also like to honor the many unpublished Chicano/a and Latino/a authors who, like Marianne, may have departed this life leaving behind their finished and unfinished manuscripts.

Marianne was born and raised in Southern California and after high school migrated north along the California coast. After living in the northern part of the state for a number of years, she eventually settled in Merced in 1988. She received an AA in Cultural Anthropology from Merced College in 1990 and was a member of the honors program and keynote speaker at the commencement ceremonies. In 1992, Marianne received a BA in Anthropology with a Minor in English from California State Stanislaus (CSS), graduating summa cum laude. After working for a number of years in Washington State as a social worker, Marianne returned to Merced and enrolled at UC Merced in 2005, working toward an M.A. in World Cultures. Marianne’s main academic interests were nature writing and Chicana/o literature. Throughout her student years, Marianne presented a number of academic papers, and she was well on her way to completing her degree. Sadly, Marianne passed away in August of 2008 after a long illness.


DINNER IN THE MIDWEST In 1955, my father was laid off from his job as a mechanic on the railroad. He had been employed during the hey day of the American railroad boom repairing and maintaining the big engines that once moved a nation’s economy from coast to coast. My Dad often said that the […]

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