Itzolin García

Itzolin Valdemar García was born in San Antonio, Texas August 5, 1975 to Norwegian-American writer Mia Kirsi Stageberg and the late Chicano activist and poet Cecilio García-Camarillo. Itzolin began life in the ferment and inspiration of the Movimiento. He grew up in Albuquerque, and after dropping out of high school started over in San Francisco. He graduated from Yale 1998 with a B.A. in English Literature with Distinction and was awarded Best Senior Essay in Literature for “City of Liquid,” his study on Juan Felipe Herrera. His graduate studies at Duke University and Stanford were funded by the Ford Foundation. Itzolin struggled passionately over his own identity and what it can and should mean to be an artist, Chicano, soulful thinker, bicultural individual, loving man and potential teacher. He died tragically May 2, 2003. The gifts he left us through writing remain. More about him can be found at For information on his writing, contact

Selected Works

In Mexico, there are dark places in the midst of the squalor and the pollution where there is no noise, little motion, where one can sit undisturbed. I live in the little village several miles from here. Here is El Toro, a bar or café. What could you call it? The men sitting at the […]

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