Ivan Argüelles

Ivan Argüelles is an innovative Mexican-American poet. He is the identical twin of well known New Age Prophet José Argüelles. They were born in 1939 in Rochester MN, but subsequently moved back to Mexico, and since then their family moved around a bit until they wound up back in Rochester. Ivan has been widely published since the mid '70s of the last century. Among his many books, Looking for Mary Lou received the 1989 William Carlos Williams Award. Other titles of his include a number in the epic format, notably: "That" Goddess; Madonna Septet; Comedy , Divine , The; and, Orphic Cantos. In 2013 he received a lifetime achievement award from the Before Columbus Foundation.


COLIBRÍ   AMNESIA what are stars but question marks left in grass dew-form hiatuses in the longing the hand has searching for its soul the distant and perfervid traffic of nerve and sinew echoing some archaic rock come to rest on the western edge of water where the likely sun will set its dizzy head […]

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