Ángel F. Sandoval

Angel Francisco Sandoval was born and bred in Brawley, CalifAztlán (colloquially referred to as “Brole” by La Raza). He received his MFA in creative writing from San Diego State University. Now he teaches at Imperial Valley College and San Diego City College.

He says of his Shades of Brown, “I want La Gente to love this like MEChA loves Che.” And about The Road to Quetzalcóatl, he adds, “It’s a new movement—Hispanics are going to college! Unfortunately, Chicanos are dropping out and going nowhere.”

The Road to Quetzalcóatl

“Diego, the best place in the world to find yourself in is in a library,” César always tells me. César has been bringing me to the Aztlán Library for two years, ever since I turned seven and our family moved to this neighborhood. César and I have spent a lot of our free time in […]

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A Quick Quihúbole   Truth is, I wrote this for the Chicanao Mestizaje del Valle Imperial, for the shades of brown.  And so, even though I know this might not shade everyone in The Desert, I hope the Shades stretch and reach that certain someone…or two or 70-something-percent. See, I’m not coming to you with […]

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