is a web-based press dedicated to posting unpublished creative works, primarily by Latino and Latina authors
will publish works on an impermanent basis. All works will be on display for a period of two months, approximately. At the request of readers and authors, we have created a Virtual Library, to hold previously featured works
believes in providing a space for the temporary publication of literary works that may be considered non-marketable by established presses
is to literature what galleries are to art: a space for the temporary display of creative works, which facilitates interaction with the visiting public and with presses potentially interested in publishing the works on display
believes in the active role that the public plays in the production and reception of literature. The public is encouraged to submit responses to the literary works published. All comments will be archived to ensure future access by readers, writers, and scholars
believes in fostering interaction between writers and readers; works in progress will also be accepted for publication, as they may generate productive feedback from readers
will not copyright works: all rights remain with the authors (except for the right of temporary posting in AlternaCtive PublicaCtions). Authors may publish their works in any other press or any other venue after publishing with AlternaCtive PublicaCtions. Any quotes or references to texts published by should clearly indicate the source. The Press is not responsible for individual authors’ words and opinions.